Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! 
-Love Eric, Briana, 
Cohen, Conrad, and Moriah

Jesus is the reason for the season!

This is as close as we are going to get for sending out Christmas cards. Enjoy! ;)

 I don't know why things like that can be so difficult when they really are something you can do very fast these days all online with your own photos. Though for me instead of stressing over getting it done I just choose not to do it.

But still why is it that the littlest things can be so hard to do take cutting three little children's nails for example. Seriously the struggle for my children to let me do this to each of their fingers and toes, you would think I was giving them shots. They all fight it. But once I get it done I feel like I ran a full marathon and I feel so accomplished. Only to turn around and get scratched the next week an get to do it all over again. :) 

One of my goals for this next year is to get organized with my children's photos and make them some photo books. With not printing our pictures out these days they just sit in files in our computer and I have almost lost all of our photos twice. I really pray I can do this and get caught up on photo books for Cohen and Conrad. Seems like it should again be so simple especially with shutterfly and other internet sites you can use. But I haven't ever been really good at things like that and I hope to change that this year! 

So even though we didn't do Christmas Card that doesn't mean we haven't enjoyed getting them! 
I love the good old Christmas cards that actually require you to use ink, but I also love the new ways you can be creative with adding photos. Eric and I decided we were going to pick our favorites from the ones we received this year. Though we enjoyed them all there were two we have for the winners!

Drum roll please…………………….

The most creative goes to ……


The cutest goes to ……

{{Congrats to our winners! Excited about our new tradition and to do this again next year - 
no pressure people ;) }}

These two cards inspire me to be good at taking photos of my children and to be organized with them! 

Knowing both these families and both working moms shows that you can find time for the little things. If your enjoying your first little baby or still cleaning up after your older boys be encouraged that if you like me find it hard to get the little things done it can happen! 

Thanks for all the Christmas wishes from all our family and friends! I am excited for another New Year! Comment below with your goals for this next year, we can be praying for one another on reaching our goals! 

Saturday, November 23, 2013

I said yes ;)

This weekend 5 years ago Eric asked me to be his wife.

I said yes of course and was (and still am) so excited!!

 I literally could not sleep for days. I remember asking my Dad if this feeling would ever go away. I never had a problem falling asleep and I could not for anything sleep especially the night it happened. I ended up taking a shower finally around 4am. I thought something was wrong with me, my eyes would not close. I was just way too shocked and excited, it was the best feeling in the world.

I eventually within the week was able to sleep and had no problem then making up for the sleep I had missed, though now when I would lay down my guest list and to do list was running through my mind at night.

but anyways…

 He totally and completely surprised me I had no idea even after receiving a text from him the day before that said "tell them your picking up the bible with the name Briana Coblentz on it" -haha I just thought it was a Christmas gift instead of a promise ring like people do he was giving me a promise bible. :)

I received that text on a friday evening while I was riding to Pittsburgh for his basketball game he was playing for Akron University at that time. I was in the back of his parents car and while I was beaming from ear to ear after reading that text still not at all thinking engagement not once did that cross my mind, I was just so excited to see that text knowing yes one day I will be his wife, we had been dating for three years and knew we wanted to get married though it was not time and we were going to wait for him to graduate. At the same time he was texting his mom letting her know he was going to propose tomorrow - lol if you know my mother in law (whom I love and have a great relationship with :) ) you know that she was freaking out and wanted to talk about it with her husband but here I was in the car with them, she knew he was going to do it as she went with him to get the ring but she didn't think it was going to be that soon. But Eric said he was way too excited to wait.

To skip ahead and so this isn't 5 pages long I will give you a brief version on how it went down…

He had wanted to take me out and picked me up at work, he said he wanted to stop at the church for something, still not thinking anything going to the church on saturday night wasn't something we did but the man loves Jesus I just thought he wanted to go and pray together or something.. not sure but he took me into the sanctuary and walked me down the candle lit aisle where at the altar was roses more candles and a bible opened up. He said read this pointing to the highlighted verse:

"my soul has found the one it loves" song of solomon 3:4

short verse that took me a while to read because things started to click in my head. I turn around to see him on one knee with a ring in his hand.. "what are you serious?!" "shut up!" "are you serious?" "is this a joke!!"

After telling me lots of sweet things and how much he loved me and that he wanted me to be his wife, he asked me to marry him and I said YES! :)

His proposal and reasoning behind the church was a representation of doing it before God, he could have done it anywhere and it would have been before God but it was special and it was neat to stand at the altar and pray over our lives together and Thank God for bringing us together.

I never imagined that my engagement would have been that perfect.

and I can't imagine if we would have waited and got married once he graduated, which would have been just last year.  We sure would have missed out on a lot together. Eric had said he was praying about it and that was what helped him make the decision, and my fathers blessing of course. :)

He was so nervous but I couldn't tell he was just so sweet.  He is an amazing husband and father, I am so blessed to have him. My feelings of excitement have not changed though my reasoning for lack of sleep has and that is our three little beautiful blessings Cohen, Conrad, and Moriah. ;)

I am so thankful he asked me to be his wife.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Moriah Lael Coblentz

September 23, 2013
5:03 AM
7 lbs 14 0z 
20 inches
pretty blue eyes &
lots of dark beautiful hair.

she looks like her daddy
& her brothers.
she is perfect.
she is beautiful.
she is sweet.
she is so loved.

we are thankful.
we are blessed.
we are in love.

When I look at my children and especially after they are just born and you are holding them for the first time or during my pregnancy as I feel the baby move, I am reminded just How GREAT our God is, what a miracle. Thank you Jesus for our healthy precious daughter.

Every good and perfect gift comes from above. 
James 1:17

You can see Conrad is just about to attack his sister- they are very loving with her but this just captures what it's like with these little ones Conrad especially right now can't turn my back for one second. I love these children. :) 

Tara Bowers did an amazing job on our photos and we are thankful for her patience and talent. I am enjoying being a mom of three but also realizing it is hard to get things done, and when it comes to blogging that is the last on my list, but as I get a better handle on nursing and being the mom of three little children I hopefully can get into a routine to find some more down time. :) 

Until then I am just making sure my children are loved, fed, getting sleep, baths & letting my children make messes and memories.

Thanks for reading.


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My Dear Daughter

{{39 weeks}}
My Dear Daughter, 

For 39 weeks now I have carried you around with me every single day. In the beginning it was rough and then after 14 weeks you were so good to me. :) Now were in the end and I can tell were both ready to have you in my arms. We found out you were a girl at 15 weeks, I was so excited and nervous to be excited knowing we would be 100% sure at the next appointment -when 20 weeks confirmed it we were thrilled and in shock and still are but no matter what we love you. 
 I remember the morning I found out you were growing inside of me. We were still in Haiti at the time and your Grandma Karen, Uncle Caleb, Aunt Megan, and Levi were visiting. 
The night before I found out -your Daddy was telling them how bad he wanted us to have another baby especially a daughter. 

He was praying that God would bless us with another child. He was praying for you even before he knew.  I was praying too that if it was the Lords will He would allow it to happen. I was trusting that God knew what was best for us. 
So when I took a test on January 21st I was surprised but not really.. shocked in a little disbelief but yet I was so excited and I couldn't wait to tell your Daddy, the boys and our family visiting.
I waited all day though I wanted to tell right away. I waited til the evening during our family worship and devotion time with Cohen and Conrad before bed. I had the camera ready to capture your Dads reaction. We were reading about Adam and Eve and I asked Cohen what was Gods punishment to Eve for eating from the tree. ((looking for the answer "she would have birth pains" )) when he didn't answer me I said 

"Eric how then did God punish Eve?"
His reply
"She would have pains in child birth.."
"Yep! And so will I in nine months!!!" 

you can imagine the "what no way" and the ongoing excitement as we celebrated together. From the time you were so tiny growing inside me we were thrilled. 

We have been singing to you reading to you and praying for you everyday, for your health, your life, your future, your relationships.. (yes I am already praying for your husband) most importantly we pray that you will know, love, and follow your creator, and heavenly father Jesus. 

You have two amazing big brothers, Cohen who just turned three asks me about you everyday he kisses you often and wants to pull up my shirt to feel you moving around, he is so wild and a little impatient right now, he wants to know when you are coming out..?? ( me too :) ) He says "Mom did they cut your baby out yet?" or "Did the baby come yet?"I keep reassuring him that I will let him know when you are here. Conrad who is just a year and a half older than you- he is the one laying on you so much he says "baby" and will wrap his arms around my belly or lightly tap it. 

You move around so much my dear and for the last couple weeks every couple days I think you are coming. Seriously I think you are just as wild as your brothers.. I can't wait to meet you. 

I love you so much already and I can't wait for you to be here in our arms. I can't wait for you to meet your Daddy. He is so amazing and will be such a good father to you and the best example of a Godly man.  I can't wait for you to meet Cohen and Conrad they are going to be so in love with you and probably kiss and hug you too much. You have wonderful grandparents that are so excited for your arrival, along with lots of aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends. 

I am a little scared to have not only three children but a daughter. I hope that you always see your self for the beautiful person that God made you to be. I hope you always know the value of your life and how much we love you. I hope as a mother I can be your best friend, but also be such a good role model to you of a Godly woman. 

I am waiting for you and praying for you. Whenever your ready so am I. I love you so much and I can't wait to start our mother / daughter journey together. 

-love your momma 

p.s. we do have a special name picked out for you and I can't wait to hold you and call you by your name for the very first time. I love you so much. 

"your are fearfully and wonderfully made"
Pslam 139:14

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

37 weeks ahh!!

37 weeks down .....3..2..1!! to go?? I am going to be totally honest with you here and let you know I am freaking out just a little bit, how am I going to nurse my sweet little baby girl with my two monkeys on my back?? I need to clone myself twice.. :)

I had that thought this morning - and when I say freaking out I mean in the calmest way possible as my two boys climbed on top of me one hanging around my neck the other laying sideways across my stomach ( I think Conrad has really grown to enjoy my hard big belly he loves to just lay right on top of it) Glad it is comfortable for someone. :) but it just hit me and what if I need to be nursing at this time what will the boys do then? Oh Lord help me! :) Who knows, all I can do now is pray, pray, pray.. and hope for the best. I will let you know once the baby comes and then when I say I am freaking out I might really be freaking out or crying. Doing something other than sitting calmly.

I am really excited though to be having a daughter! I could just cry thinking about her right now. I am getting so excited and anticipating what will she look like?... how big will she be?... will she keep her blue eyes like the boys?...will she come out with lots of hair?...will she sleep good?.. (( I hope!))


Most importantly when I pray for her everyday all those things don't even come close to my deepest longing and desire for her is to know and love Jesus with all her heart. As a mother and follower of Jesus Christ that is the one thing I pray my children have, is a relationship with Jesus. I pray that as parents we can be an amazing example of Christ's love to our children so that they too have their own desire in their hearts to want to know Him.


Just had to share these photos of my boys they are growing up too fast 
and are way too cute not to share!!
Cohen 2 (-at the end of this week he will be three :) ) -above
 Conrad 18 months -below
Photo Credit: Tara Bowers

37wks baby bump
{{I have been feeling so many contractions and lots of pressure-
I even thought my water broke yesterday but false alarm}}
Eric took this photo + my sister Megan did my hair for me
If you need your hair done you can contact her through here!! She does a great job :)  

Friday, August 9, 2013

Life in the fast lane..

Hard to believe our time in Haiti has come and gone and we are already back into the swing of life in Ohio.  I ask you to continue to pray with us for the girls we placed back in family, praying for their lives in Haiti.

We miss our friends and life in Haiti. There is a lot I am thankful to not be dealing with on a daily basis, like bugs, heat, generators... but we are content at where God has us for now.

Our baby girl is rapidly growing (still inside the womb) ETA the 25th of September.

Cohen and Conrad have been enjoying themselves these last two months spending all their time and energy playing outside with friends and cousins. I finally got Cohen to get rid of his nuk (binky, pacifier) and we are in the potty training process..(NOT FUN) Conrad I think knows something is up - I feel so guilty at times that he is going to have a hard time when the baby comes but him and Cohen are playing together and getting into more and more trouble so hopefully it will not be too hard for him.

Eric has dove right back into working and just this past week started at the church as well. He is so happy to be working in the church and can't hardly wait to start seminary school in the fall.

As a now stay at home mom (before moving to Haiti I worked full time)  I think I am trying to find my place and my role of course first and most important I am a mother and wife and so thankful to be both! I am in constant prayer trying to figure out how I will ever have three children (three, 3 years and under )  but I know as long as I continue to put my hope and trust in the Lord and commit each day to Him that I will not fail. I know there will probably be days I feel like a failure or just really tired. But just as God was with us in our hardest days and weeks in Haiti He is with me daily as I strive to be the mother, wife, daughter, sister, and friend here in little Hartville, Ohio.

I have never been a coffee drinker I don't at all care for the taste but just the other day had some with lots of french vanilla creamer and thought I could drink this... I informed Eric I may start drinking coffee -or maybe just creamer ;) - once I have three children running around.

I hope to keep up with my blog and share what happens with us I don't know how good I will be or how exciting these posts will get. With just the boys right now they still nap for me a couple hours a day at the same time :) there are days they wont nap or they put up a fight, when they are up I am up right next to them making sure they stay out of trouble so I will do my best and keep praying for the time to allow me to blog.  I hope to be an encouragement at times or just a realization that your not alone in life and parenting or being a perfect wife can be hard, but it is certainly not impossible and we can only Look to Jesus our perfect example. Giving all the Glory to my creator, father, Lord and Savior-  Jesus Christ.

Proverbs 20:24 NLT
"The Lord directs our steps, so why try to understand everything along the way?"

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Update on girls

Lastly we shared that we were in the process of starting adoptions for the girls. Through starting that and calling on living relatives and contacts for the girls we were shocked at what God had in store.

I now totally understand more than ever why He doesn't just lay everything out there for us. Though we think that would be easier so we can just know what to do, or what to expect. Our human minds would not be able to believe or comprehend the plans God has for each of us.

I am so thankful for that.

I am so thankful that he didn't tell us everything we had come here to do was going to look totally different in just a short time. We might have ran the other way in all honesty. Never would we think emotionally and spiritually we would have been able to handle the events and even how fast each event and transition took place, but HE can handle it.

You see among many orphanages- you will not always have true abandoned orphaned children. In our case in the matter of taking the girls in it was a strict process of questioning and making sure there was no other way to care for this child and that the family wanting their loved one to be in the orphanage had felt they absolutely had no other option but this one.

We learned that sometimes that is the hardest thing for family to do because they are truly giving up their child in hopes that they may have a better life... but what is a better life. We long to be loved, we long to be cared for, we long to be with family and to feel a part of something.... I am still not a pro at all in this whole orphan care/adoption world. It is so hard because it is not black and white, some children are better off living in poverty with family that truly loves them than living with a family that is not their own but yet very far from poverty. I also think adoption is such a beautiful thing and can be so wonderful for the child, and the adoptive family.

We had another friend working in a similar situation in a different country and they said it so well "I guess our goal is to be putting ourselves out of a job" And that is what we did we just didn't realize it would happen in just two short months. Especially here in Haiti where it seems things just take a whole lot longer. Though yes we put ourselves out of a daily job, now we have such an important job to continue to pray, pray and pray, daily for these families and for the girls and for their transition back in their homes.

So to get back on the girls and each situation- when family members came to start paper work for adoption, as quickly as they learned what adoption really meant, and that they could potentially never see "her" again, they were against it. They then wanted "her" back. They explained to us that they were fine with "her" being here and not seeing "her" because it would be better for "her" and they would always have food and clothes and nice place to sleep, but that they never wanted to put "her" in a place where they would never see "her" again, they were okay with the orphanage because then when they were 18 they would get to see "her." So for some this is grandparents, and aunts talking, but for one it was a mom, and for another it was a dad.

This was the hardest thing for us because in our minds we felt that going back to where they each were would not be good for them, because obviously if they were with us it was because where they were was bad. But it is more just sad to us (americans) then it is bad, and it is just a normal life for the average haitian child.
Would they eat good, will they teach them about Jesus, will they continue to take them to school.... we had so many worries and fears and emotionally we were overwhelmed and scared but at the same time we had to TRUST. For one if the family is wanting "her" back we had no right to keep them from taking their loved one. What really was hard for us was that when we were thinking we would be starting adoption process for these girls and they would be 2-3 years still living in the home, we mentally, and emotionally were not ready to hear that from families. Especially for some of the families to tell us that and then in the same day leave with the girls. It was heartbreaking, but yet it was all part of Gods perfect plan for HIS daughters. We had to keep reminding our selves we don't even come close to loving them at all as much as God loves them. So we know that He would love them, protect them, comfort them, and provide for them in every way.

We were nervous and scared and felt so bad for the girls but it has really been such an amazing thing and we are seeing that this is the best thing for each of the girls. God is so good how He has worked everything out. We waited until this point to update you on things because in some ways we thought we would send the girls with family and they could bring them back, or change their mind. But just this week we have completely transitioned the last girl out all but two went back with family. We are praying every single day for the girls and their families and the transition for them. We trust God that this is His will for each of their lives. We Thank HIM for working things out and for the transitions for the girls. There was lots of tears more from us than the girls but we have already had some of the girls that left first back in February come back and visit and we have had such a great time seeing them, and seeing that they are doing good and they are happy. The hardest thing is to see that those families do not have a lot and I am sure there will be times when food is sparse and that is what breaks my heart, but in reality that is life here and we can help but what happens when your not here, and we don't want to enable them to rely on us for those things because we wont be here and then they will get used to just getting things handed out to them and that will only make life harder. So we just pray that God provides jobs for those families that maybe are struggling and we pray that most importantly in their hard times they are crying out to Jesus.

The time here for each of the girls was not at all a waste or a bad thing, for some of them they were very young and potentially if they did not get the food and care they had in the beginning when Jared and Jalayne took them in they could not have made it. They also were taught the love and the truth about Jesus. It was so neat to hear them recite scripture in both english and kreyol and some of the older ones had even asked Jesus into their hearts with Jared and Jalayne before they left. We praise God for the seeds planted in each of their lives at a young age, and we pray that they will never turn from that and that they will be a light in each of their families.

It was neat that in the process of transitioning the girls back with families we have then been able to share Gods love with them and pray with them. Our nannies who were very heartbroken over this as well even exchanged numbers with the families and have taken upon themselves to make sure some of the girls that lived near them were going to school still, and invited them to church.

How Great is our God! Only He could have worked all these things out. Only He knew the girls would be with us for a short time, Only He knew that they would end up back with family or be adopted, and ONLY HE WILL BE GLORIFIED in all of this.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Oh the fun we have!!

Seriously, life in Haiti is filled with Joy and laughter especially with these girls, Cohen, and Conrad :)
Love them all so much!

This was a wild evening when there was not water at the orphanage, we walked all the girls over to our house for their baths and devotions before bed. Everyone in the house was really hyper. It was lots of fun! They were all jumping around going crazy. It was very loud. But I loved it and couldn't not capture it :)

*Don't worry there was no serious injuries. Just hurt bellies from laughing :)