Tuesday, September 3, 2013

37 weeks ahh!!

37 weeks down .....3..2..1!! to go?? I am going to be totally honest with you here and let you know I am freaking out just a little bit, how am I going to nurse my sweet little baby girl with my two monkeys on my back?? I need to clone myself twice.. :)

I had that thought this morning - and when I say freaking out I mean in the calmest way possible as my two boys climbed on top of me one hanging around my neck the other laying sideways across my stomach ( I think Conrad has really grown to enjoy my hard big belly he loves to just lay right on top of it) Glad it is comfortable for someone. :) but it just hit me and what if I need to be nursing at this time what will the boys do then? Oh Lord help me! :) Who knows, all I can do now is pray, pray, pray.. and hope for the best. I will let you know once the baby comes and then when I say I am freaking out I might really be freaking out or crying. Doing something other than sitting calmly.

I am really excited though to be having a daughter! I could just cry thinking about her right now. I am getting so excited and anticipating what will she look like?... how big will she be?... will she keep her blue eyes like the boys?...will she come out with lots of hair?...will she sleep good?.. (( I hope!))


Most importantly when I pray for her everyday all those things don't even come close to my deepest longing and desire for her is to know and love Jesus with all her heart. As a mother and follower of Jesus Christ that is the one thing I pray my children have, is a relationship with Jesus. I pray that as parents we can be an amazing example of Christ's love to our children so that they too have their own desire in their hearts to want to know Him.


Just had to share these photos of my boys they are growing up too fast 
and are way too cute not to share!!
Cohen 2 (-at the end of this week he will be three :) ) -above
 Conrad 18 months -below
Photo Credit: Tara Bowers

37wks baby bump
{{I have been feeling so many contractions and lots of pressure-
I even thought my water broke yesterday but false alarm}}
Eric took this photo + my sister Megan did my hair for me
If you need your hair done you can contact her through here!! She does a great job :)  

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