Thursday, June 23, 2011

Obedience the Key!

Our family,
For all who do not know, Briana and I are going to moving next summer to serve the Lord and his people in the island of Haiti. As we continue to take steps of faith forward towards His calling we ask that you pray for us. We are open to what the Lord wants us to do and where he wants us to do it. We definitely know that we feel the Lord asking us to disciple people and plant churches but the question is where, how, and who? Therefore we ask that you all will be praying for us as we continue to step out. Disciple, disciple, and more discipling is the heart that God has given us yet we know that we must be obedient to the Lords calling on our life right now. As I am writing this out I am reminded of Lot and his wife in Genesis 19. The angel of the Lord comes to Lot and tells him to take his family out of Sodom for the anger of the Lord is going to sweep over them with fire. He tells Lot to run to the mountains and to not look back. Yet Lot tells the angel that it would be much better to go to the town rather then the mountains because it would be a better lifestyle for them. The compassion of the Lord was over Lot so the angel allowed his request. Yet as Lot's family is fleeing from sodom to escape the wrath of God his wife looks back to the city and immediately was turned into a pillar of salt. For Lot's wife this was the consequence of being disobedient to what the Lord has asked them to do. As I pray that this is not my consequence (thank you Jesus for your grace upon me lol.) I know that as a family, not just me but my wife and son as well, need to be obedient to what God is asking of us. With all that was said the point is that whatever God asks us to do I want to do even if he changes plans on us, we want to just take one step at a time and not look back.

We are in Florida right now with some family and next week heading out to Haiti for a couple weeks. The first week we are leading a group to help with my brother and sister with their orphanage and to do whatever else the Lord is asking. We always are praying that the Lord brings freedom as 2 Chorinthians says "where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty." so we continue to pray this over Haiti because we know that my brother and sister bring the spirit of God with them which then brings freedom to the people of Haiti. The following week and a half or so we are going to spend some time praying and seeking the Lord for guidance in what he wants for us and how we can be little tiny instruments in Gods plan. We know that as we seek the face of God with prayer and fasting he will reveal himself to us, as His Word promises. So we ask that as a body of Christ and brothers and sisters you will join with us and praying for not only what God is asking us to do but also the people of Haiti these next couple of weeks and we believe he will show up. Someone told me a quote this past week from a man named Austin from the city challenge in Columbus Ohio " we are not worried whether or not God will speak but rather we all must listen to hear that voice that prmises to speak"

I also just want to say thank you to all my family from Hartville Mennonite and Middleburry Chapel and brothers and sisters in Christ who have continued to poor into our lives as individuals and as a couple. Honestly from the bottom of my heart I want all of you to know that we can not follow the calling that God has placed in our hearts unless we have the support of our family which is you all We do not want this to be a calling that is only on Briana and Eric's life but on everyone that is reading this. We love you all and ask for your prayers as we start out this new journey with Christ who is always faithful even when we are not His mercies are new everyday thank you Jesus. We will also be praying for all of you and that the Spirit of the sovereign Lord fills in order to give all Glory to our Father.