Monday, October 28, 2013

Moriah Lael Coblentz

September 23, 2013
5:03 AM
7 lbs 14 0z 
20 inches
pretty blue eyes &
lots of dark beautiful hair.

she looks like her daddy
& her brothers.
she is perfect.
she is beautiful.
she is sweet.
she is so loved.

we are thankful.
we are blessed.
we are in love.

When I look at my children and especially after they are just born and you are holding them for the first time or during my pregnancy as I feel the baby move, I am reminded just How GREAT our God is, what a miracle. Thank you Jesus for our healthy precious daughter.

Every good and perfect gift comes from above. 
James 1:17

You can see Conrad is just about to attack his sister- they are very loving with her but this just captures what it's like with these little ones Conrad especially right now can't turn my back for one second. I love these children. :) 

Tara Bowers did an amazing job on our photos and we are thankful for her patience and talent. I am enjoying being a mom of three but also realizing it is hard to get things done, and when it comes to blogging that is the last on my list, but as I get a better handle on nursing and being the mom of three little children I hopefully can get into a routine to find some more down time. :) 

Until then I am just making sure my children are loved, fed, getting sleep, baths & letting my children make messes and memories.

Thanks for reading.