Monday, December 17, 2012

Birthday Girls!

Thinking of the girls and though they have been through a lot in their short lives they are still filled with so much JOY! I pray we can each challenge ourselves to be joyful always.

"Rejoice in the Lord always.  I will say it again: Rejoice!" Philippians 4:4

We've got the JOY, JOY, JOY, JOY down in our hearts!
down in our hearts!
down in our hearts!
We've got the JOY, JOY, JOY, JOY down in our hearts
down in our hearts to Stay!

Here are some photos of the fun we have had lately!
The Birthday Girls of December! Genese and Kiara

love the hair... Saturdays the girls get their hair braided, they look so cute the short time its undone. 

 We pray that you may all have Joy in celebrating the birth of Jesus this Christmas!

Monday, December 3, 2012

tree up, check. nails done, check.

It is a good thing we are not ocd when it comes to putting up christmas trees and thinking it has to look a certain way... :) We had fun letting the girls and Cohen put up the tree yesterday. Eric put on the Christmas cd we brought with us and right away that got us all in the christmas spirit!  Of course there was a lot of dancing first then we realized our time was limited before dinner and we needed to get to work.  I love that the girls love to dance, and that they don't judge Eric and I on our not so smooth moves. They just get a good laugh, especially with Eric. It is funny I have noticed a few moves some of the girls have picked up from us and you can usually tell because it's when they are not really in rhythm.. hopefully they can teach us a thing or two.

We can't wait to spend our first Christmas in Haiti with these lovely little ladies! I am thankful to be removed from the shopping madness and the stress we can bring on ourselves with buying gifts and trying to figure out when we would be with this family and what food we would eat. Of course the gift part won't be as easy to run to the store but it will be fun to have to be creative and know no matter what it will be appreciated, and with the food... well rice and beans of course!

I am thankful and excited to share the story of Christ's birth with the girls and Cohen. Knowing it won't be the first time they have heard it but hoping each time they hear it they understand more and more of our Heavenly Father's love for us.

The tree did turn out great in the end! You might just have to wait until Christmas to see it. :) 

This is the next morning... Cohen and Kiara rule the house in the morning when the big girls are at school. 

Eliana and Kiara wanted their nails done, they loved the attention and getting pampered. Unfortunately the older girls were not too happy they are not allowed to wear polish to school.

Blessings to you all! Always be praying for Gods love and protection over each of these precious lives.