Sunday, July 22, 2012


Have you ever laughed to yourself at the crazy family running through the airport trying to get to their departure gate in time… well I have and I have many times thought to myself “I am glad that’s not me” but this time it was.. well to be honest I wasn’t exactly running I was calmly walking as fast as I could while pushing Cohen's stroller as Eric was running with Conrad. Yes he was embarrassing me… but running in public like that at 6 am is just not my thing. But with much delays and scares of being told there was no more flights out until the following Monday (after our original flight from Cleveland was canceled) we were very thankful to have landed in Haiti Tuesday July 17th on time with ALL of our bags (Thank YOU JESUS) and we got out of the airport in a timely manner.  Praise God… plus a pleasant surprise along the way…. 1st  class to Haiti from Miami?!  We'll take it!  I thought to myself the men sitting next to Eric and I probably didn't appreciate our children acting like children. J Though there is no smooth sailing when you each have an infant on your lap but at least we had some extra leg room.

We were so anxious once we got there to go see the girls.  The older girls were excited to see us but we know it will take time for that trust and relationship to completely happen.  The little ones were a little bit terrified but I can't blame them, Cohen and Conrad would act the same way toward a stranger until he was more comfortable.  They see so many people come to their home for a couple days here and there and then leave so in time they will be more open and loving with us.  They sure are the most adorable children and they are so well taken care of and loved by Jared and Jalayne, the other workers and their heavenly Father. Having a crazy little son really helps bridge the gap in situations like this. Within the first couple minutes of seeing them at their home Cohen was chasing the chickens and some of the girls were chasing Cohen. J  Anyone who is fearful for my children living in Haiti do not be J Cohen is the happiest little thing running around here. The second he woke up from his nap he said “mom outside” and over to visit the girls we went. Conrad is just doing his usual thing eating and sleeping. The girls have enjoyed pushing him around in his stroller these first couple days. 

Before we know it these two will be chasing each other all around.

Cohen enjoying his first meal with the girls. Below his first fried plantain.
He hasn't turned any food down yet. :) 

What a blessing it is to have Jared and Jalayne already settled and living in Haiti they had a place for us to stay and they even had clean sheets, and some food in our fridge for us. We feel so blessed and almost guilty knowing things were much different down here for them when they first moved.  We are feeling very much at peace with our first couple days here.  Knowing it will not always be easy and the time will come to see Jared and Jalayne go and we may have a hard time at first adjusting to life in Haiti. But with all things HE is the ROCK that never moves, Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever more. So in knowing and believing that we know that our time here filled with ups and downs hard times and great times is going to be a wonderful time for us and we are so excited to experience more of Gods love in Haiti, through developing relationships with each of the girls and the woman and men who work at the orphanage. I am putting all my expectations, fears, and doubts aside and I am putting all my hope, faith and trust in the Lord Jesus.

Cohen and Miles... poor Miles is learning very fast how ornery his cousin is.

Thank You for your prayers, and support financially and physically that have allowed us to be here, we were so ready to just get here! Saying goodbyes at home and leaving friends and family was not easy or fun but being in the place where God has asked you to be is filled with much Joy and Peace!

Please continue to be with us in prayer during our time in Haiti.

Blessings from Haiti
With Love
-Eric, Bri, Cohen, and Conrad

Things you can be praying for right now:  Saying goodbyes again this week to my dad (Briana) and Eric's parents, language learning, C & C adjusting to the heat and bugs J, the girls as they open their hearts to us, J & J as they share their lives in Haiti with us and adjusting to having us around watching and learning from them.