Thursday, August 23, 2012

"Dadda, Momma, I wanna see the girls" -Cohen David Coblentz

"Dadda, Momma, I wanna see the girls" -Cohen David Coblentz

After every nap and every morning when he wakes up those are the first few words that come out of his mouth.  He gets up with the sun here which is not the norm for him. We were fortunate enough to have a son that slept until say 9:30 or even the many times we would have to go in and wake him so he didn't sleep past 10. It was awesome and one of the things I prayed he would carry on in Haiti. :) Obviously God knows best and has heard and answered way more important prayers and probably just laughed at me a little or a lot with that one.
But Cohen is in love, and wants to spend all his time with "the girls" we are thankful he has taken to them so well and them to him in return. He knows them all by name and wants to pray for each of them at night and will go down the line when we are not with them and he will ask "whats Kiara doing?"... etc...
He sometimes loves to use that little 2 letter word "no" but we are working with that and each day gets better and better. Overall Cohen and Conrad are doing so good with the girls and it is so cute to watch them interact with one another and to hug and say "sorry" when needed. As parents and bringing our children to a totally new place with new faces every day we were in constant prayer that they would adjust well, not be jealous, and get along good with the girls. And they are both doing so well and Cohen is even picking up the language. He is entertainment to them and the ladies and men that work with us get such a kick out of any little creole word he has to say.

Our first month here has flown by. Eric has been learning so much from Jared on how to do everything at the orphanage. And we are working our hardest at learning the language. It can be frustrating at times but has given me a new found respect for anyone who can speak more then one language and especially for people I have talked to back in the states that had learned English. But language learning is our main focus right now along with developing relationships with the girls and each of the men and woman who work  with us here.

The girls love Eric so much and it is so fun to spend time with them.  Even now the youngest two girls that were scared of us when we first got here are not so scared of us anymore and will give us a smile now when they see us and let us hold them. :)

God is so good and he is already teaching us so much one thing Eric and I can both say He is showing us is how to love like Jesus we will never truly be able to love anyone we meet as much as their heavenly father loves them but we are giving it all we got. He is breaking our hearts for what breaks His and we are loving it. He has shown us so much peace, comfort, and grace already.

Just a little sneak peak into life here...
Cohen and the little flower girl Kiara 
Conrad and Juanese 

Rosiany, Dalinda, and Cohen