Saturday, November 23, 2013

I said yes ;)

This weekend 5 years ago Eric asked me to be his wife.

I said yes of course and was (and still am) so excited!!

 I literally could not sleep for days. I remember asking my Dad if this feeling would ever go away. I never had a problem falling asleep and I could not for anything sleep especially the night it happened. I ended up taking a shower finally around 4am. I thought something was wrong with me, my eyes would not close. I was just way too shocked and excited, it was the best feeling in the world.

I eventually within the week was able to sleep and had no problem then making up for the sleep I had missed, though now when I would lay down my guest list and to do list was running through my mind at night.

but anyways…

 He totally and completely surprised me I had no idea even after receiving a text from him the day before that said "tell them your picking up the bible with the name Briana Coblentz on it" -haha I just thought it was a Christmas gift instead of a promise ring like people do he was giving me a promise bible. :)

I received that text on a friday evening while I was riding to Pittsburgh for his basketball game he was playing for Akron University at that time. I was in the back of his parents car and while I was beaming from ear to ear after reading that text still not at all thinking engagement not once did that cross my mind, I was just so excited to see that text knowing yes one day I will be his wife, we had been dating for three years and knew we wanted to get married though it was not time and we were going to wait for him to graduate. At the same time he was texting his mom letting her know he was going to propose tomorrow - lol if you know my mother in law (whom I love and have a great relationship with :) ) you know that she was freaking out and wanted to talk about it with her husband but here I was in the car with them, she knew he was going to do it as she went with him to get the ring but she didn't think it was going to be that soon. But Eric said he was way too excited to wait.

To skip ahead and so this isn't 5 pages long I will give you a brief version on how it went down…

He had wanted to take me out and picked me up at work, he said he wanted to stop at the church for something, still not thinking anything going to the church on saturday night wasn't something we did but the man loves Jesus I just thought he wanted to go and pray together or something.. not sure but he took me into the sanctuary and walked me down the candle lit aisle where at the altar was roses more candles and a bible opened up. He said read this pointing to the highlighted verse:

"my soul has found the one it loves" song of solomon 3:4

short verse that took me a while to read because things started to click in my head. I turn around to see him on one knee with a ring in his hand.. "what are you serious?!" "shut up!" "are you serious?" "is this a joke!!"

After telling me lots of sweet things and how much he loved me and that he wanted me to be his wife, he asked me to marry him and I said YES! :)

His proposal and reasoning behind the church was a representation of doing it before God, he could have done it anywhere and it would have been before God but it was special and it was neat to stand at the altar and pray over our lives together and Thank God for bringing us together.

I never imagined that my engagement would have been that perfect.

and I can't imagine if we would have waited and got married once he graduated, which would have been just last year.  We sure would have missed out on a lot together. Eric had said he was praying about it and that was what helped him make the decision, and my fathers blessing of course. :)

He was so nervous but I couldn't tell he was just so sweet.  He is an amazing husband and father, I am so blessed to have him. My feelings of excitement have not changed though my reasoning for lack of sleep has and that is our three little beautiful blessings Cohen, Conrad, and Moriah. ;)

I am so thankful he asked me to be his wife.


  1. made me have a life partner that u feel so strongly about is Awesome! You guys are doing great things its Beautiful to See You Grow! We Will always have a spot in our heart for all you Guys :) Happy Anniversary