Thursday, October 11, 2012

The summer that never ends..

     We are loving our time here in Haiti, it feels like summer and coming from Ohio we should have had frost on the ground by now.  Growing up we didn't have air conditioning and now I realize that was all in Gods plan for my training and preparations for Haiti. - (Thanks Dad!)
     Until last week it was still summer break for the girls. School finally started and they were so excited to go. They were excited to get new shoes, wear their uniforms and put special red and white ribbons in their hair.  They all look so adorable all dressed and ready for school. The oldest five are in school leaving the youngest three, Miles, and our boys home to play. The little ones are loving their time together. Also loving all the extra attention they are getting.
    Eric is still learning all the ropes to living in Haiti and keeping things running smoothly for the girls.  He is doing so well at taking over here.  Sometimes things can take hours here for him to do that we could have done in 30 minutes back home.. God never stops teaching us patience that's for sure.  Eric is doing really good with learning the language the nannies will tell me his creole is strong. I am proud of him. :)
     I started further creole lessons with our nannies. Each day I meet with someone different and they help me with my language learning. It is a nice time to have actual conversations and get to know them better. Its a rare occasion to not have two or three little ones running circles around us when talking so I am loving this time to just learn from them and learn more about them. In hopes to having a better relationship with each of the ladies I get to work with during our time here.
    Cohen is still picking up words here and there and shocks us all when a creole phrase comes from his mouth. We all get a kick out of it. Especially our staff here.. I am learning it is really a sign of respect to learn the language of the country you are living in. People love it even if you just know a little bit of their language, it just shows you care enough to try and learn.
    Papa, and Grandma came last Tuesday- Cohen was speechless he was so excited! It was so nice to spend time for them especially for our boys.  Cohen loves being around people and both his Papa's and Grandma's mean so much to him. So we were so excited for him to see some familiar faces. But it even gets better yet, Aunt Ruby, Aunt Carol, and Aunt Marlene came to visit as well! It was so fun for all of us to see them and spend some time showing them around Haiti. We stayed up too late and had some good laughs! And as you can imagine Parents/Grandparents and Aunts would come bearing sweets, and gifts. They even brought stuff for the girls and it was so much fun to be able to watch them receive the gifts.
    A group from Ohio and Florida came to work along with Cody Troyer and the block machine. They finished the first house built with the block machine. It was good to see everyone here coming together to help a family in need of a home!

   Thanks so much for coming and spoiling us!- Also thanks to everyone who sent things along with them-we are so blessed and appreciate it!

So glad to have swings here!

The girls would have been just as excited to have these bags let a lone the dolls and clothes inside!
This was one of my favorite parts, Rosiany pulling out the dress up heels from her bag and just getting right up and showing us her "runway walk" 

Grandma and Cohen and Miles, We are going to miss having Miles around here! 

Eric was there capturing all the excitement the morning before their first day of school!  They were so excited! 

Cohen keeps wanting to make a fire like Papa- so we finally did! 

This was so cute the other day they all took turns running and jumping  on me and then running back and doing it again. Some how I was able to capture this moment just in time.

Evos and Senita making mamba- peanut butter!
It is so good here to eat it especially when she lets you try it right from the pot while it is still hot and creamy. 

So thankful for this man, and of course the little man. :) But it is amazing how much God continues to draw us closer to each other and closer to HIM. 


  1. Thanks for posting. Loved reading it and looking at all the pics. Great to hear you are doing so good. We are praying for you. - Shane and Maya Yoder

  2. Always enjoy your posts. How fun to have family come spoil everyone!! Think of you often - Love & Prayers
    Mike & Chris M

  3. Thank you guys so much! We appreciate all your thoughts and prayers! Good to hear from you ! :)

  4. Love seeing all of these pictures! Makes it feel like we're not soooo far away from each other! Love you guys!!!

    1. Hannah We miss you! I know it is so nice to have the technology we have these days to stay connected to people! love you too!

  5. Shauna McNalley AndrewsOctober 13, 2012 at 8:41 AM

    I love hearing your updates and seeing the pictures! You guys are doing some great work over there and can see what a great job your doing by all the smiles on the kids faces. God bless :)

    1. Thanks Shauna, it is so fun to see the girls each day they are so truly happy though even without us! They are the ones who make us happy!