Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Life lately..

We are doing really well and are continuing to learn the language and spend time with the girls.  Summer time is so much fun and today we had a little glimpse of what life is going to be like here when the 5 oldest start school in October! It is going to be a lot more quiet here but Cohen and Kiara will find ways to make up for that I'm sure. Cohen turned 2 and he has more energy than he did when he was 1 so we have our hands full.  Eric and Jared took an overnight trip out to the country with Rosiany and Mariline to see their Grandma.  I spent a morning in the kitchen with Evos (the cook at the orphanage) she showed me how she makes rice and beans that was fun and challenging in itself how many things are when you are learning a language.

Jared and Jalaye have been here since October 2009, there time will come to an end the last week of October.  This is going to be a very hard transition for everyone so I ask that you join us in covering them, the girls, our staff, and us during the weeks to come and after in prayer.  Pray for a smooth transition from them to us at the orphanage. Also pray that God provides for them as they move back to the states and that he covers them with His Grace, Peace and Mercy.


My first attempt at doing their hair.  Rosiany was the brave one to allow me to practice on her.
The back :) - they were all so sweet encouraging me the whole time.


  1. Love the updates and lifting you guys up in prayer!

  2. Happy Birthday precious Cohen. Love you, Great Aunt Daralene.

  3. Great Pictures!!! Prayers being lifted for you all!

  4. Lovvvvvve the pictures! You guys look so good! Love you and praying for you!!! Give the boys kisses for me! :)

  5. So glad that the two of you will be with these precious little ladies when Jared and Jalayne leave. Is there a list of the names and needs of the girls for school? It said in the bulletin at HMC that you may have a list. You have our support and prayers. Jared and Jalayne will let you know who we are and we would love to keep in touch with you and help in any way that we can. Your children are beautiful and I love the pictures especially with the cousins (Miles) hugging.