Saturday, November 5, 2011

Waiting and Willing!

As a follow up to Erics last post I thought I would share with you my heart and feelings since our trip to Haiti. 

As far back as I can remember when someone at church has prayed for me, or my parents have shared with me, what Gods will on my life would be I have often always heard this from them : "God has a very special plan for your life." Having heard that it was something I knew was true because in fact God has a special plan for each one of us. And satan wants to do everything he can to keep us from achieving our purpose and plan. But looking back on my life and the events of all the times I have failed, and the hurt I had gone through or even put someone else through, I have realized that they have prepared me for such a time as this. Just in the last couple months I am seeing how much satan does not want us to move to Haiti, or do the will of God, and it makes you second guess everything and breaks you down to the point where you feel discouraged and confused. But yet it also makes you realize we, on our own can not do anything. And that we must totally and completely put all of our trust in God. We must totally let go of ourselves and our plans and completely put our life in the hands of God. I am constantly reminded that he is the potter and we are the clay. 

So to take you back to June when we were in Haiti I will be completely honest with you it was a very hard time for me. Having been to Haiti many times willingly and anxiously awaiting each trip, this time it was different. I was very anxious and excited to go and to spend the time with Jared and Jalayne and meet the girls at the orphanage and spend the time in prayer with Eric and seeking God for the plans he had for us in Haiti.  I was also very excited to be taking Cohen with us and thought the people we knew there would be so happy to meet our son. I did have a great time and so much enjoyed the time we could spend with Jared and Jalayne. My dad also had come down for a week to spend time praying about this with us. We sought out locations and even spoke to a couple who had been there for over twenty years. It was all very exciting and encouraging and the reality of being there with my family was becoming so real, exciting and scary at the same time. The one Sunday when we went to church with Jared and Jalayne Eric and I had went up for prayer and it was so neat that just as they ended praying for us and we were still at the alter the next worship song was "I have decided to follow Jesus, no turning back, no turning back..." It is the little signs like that, that can be so powerful and helpful at times in our lives. 

After much prayer in Haiti we found ourselves still not knowing exactly where God wanted us. We still knew very well that he wanted us to continue to pray and seek him on the calling he has for our family. 

In the last couple months I have been reminded how much satan is here to steal, kill, and destroy..To steal our joy, kill our dreams, and destroy any plans God has for us. In seeing ways he has tried to attack our family it has only made us stronger and made us rely more on God and to continue to PRAY even more and made it even more clear to me that God does have big plans for us and the fact that the enemy is trying to discourage us in those plans it has only made it more evident to me that we are on the right track and have to continue to persevere.

We have come to one conclusion at this time and that is only God knows where we will be a year from now and we have decided that the best place for us to be right now is where we are. To continue to serve God at our jobs, school, on the basketball court, in our church, in our community, in our bible study and in our home.
Be still and know that he is God. Be still and know that he is God. Be still and know that he is God. We are ready for whatever he has in store for us and we are waiting patiently for his leading.  

We thank you so much for how supportive you have been already just from us deciding this is the direction we want to go and we ask that you continue to pray for our family and for the new addition to our family coming in March 2012 :)

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